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Trade Show Booth Rental | Custom Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

Boost visitor attention with premium trade show booth rentals!


We create beautiful, demand-driving trade show rental booths that boost foot traffic and drive quality leads to your business.

We’ve simplified the complex development process and made event logistics and trade show rental booth easier than ever. We enable unique, engaging trade show experiences with our distinctively clear designs and our design development experts work closely with you through every step of planning and execution.

We can create a free 3D design concept for your next trade show exhibit within 3 days. Call us on 800.639.1174 or email: info@exponents.com

Some of Our Trade Show Rental Booth Projects

Make design your differentiator

Trade shows are important for your business. It gives your business a platform to market your services or products on a vast level. If done correctly, it directs a lot of customers and potential customers to your store or website and from there, your sales team can take it ahead and close deals. We at Exponents understand how vital trade shows are for you, and design your booth exquisitely so that you create a remarkable experience for your attendees. We have been in the industry for over 30 years bringing your exhibit booth rental design into reality.

We give you quite a lot of reasons to partner with Exponents for your next trade show booth rentals

How do you go about ordering a trade show booth rental?

Choose a design to suit your purpose

Our consultants sit across with you to understand your goal and your budget. Depending on the size you have booked at the show, they show you a range of design choices. If you like one of them, they tell you what is possible and what is not from a customization point of view. All the agreed changes to the design are duly noted and communicated to the creative team.

Approve your custom look

We fetch your brand collateral and map them to the selected booth design. Your key visuals are brought alive graphically. The 3D renders of the customized exhibit booth are shown to you. We understand that nobody knows your brand as you do. So, we are happy to accommodate as many changes as may be needed to meet your communication goals.

Watch the design come alive

The ball is set in action. The graphics are printed. The exhibit design is tweaked at the factory to meet the agreed custom look. The trade show booths are assembled for one close look. If you are near us geographically, you can come down to see it before it is shipped. Alternatively, we can arrange to send you pictures from every angle so you can visualize the final output.

Let us do the complete leg work

Exponents ships the booth to the city of the tradeshow. We store it at our warehouse until the day of the event. On the d-day, the booth is brought to the site and is assembled to look exactly as envisaged. All you have to do is be there with your staff to give a great presentation. Once the show is over, we take down the display and bring it back to our warehouse.

Let us know the way forward and close the project

Should you intend to use it again, we can keep it for you in our warehouse. If you don’t want to go for the same design next time, we will tear it down and mark the project closed. Also, we would love to hear your experience working with us, we take feedback seriously and work upon every minute detail to deliver you better every time.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with us!

How do I compare trade show booth rental proposals?

Have you been researching a trade show booth rental company that best suits your brand requirements? If yes, then this is the right place to be in.

There are numerous booth rental providers that offer a huge variety of services, so it is important to first take a step back and think about what you need. These are a few questions you must ask your next booth rental provider:

1. How many years of experience does your company have?
2. Can you show me some examples of your work?
3. For which industries has your company done design and build work?
4. What type of support will I get during event?
5. Does your company handle more than the logistics of building the trade show display?

Here are a few things to look at when you’re finalizing your next booth rental proposal:

1. If you are going for a custom design, does their portfolio really inspire you? Can you see their brands shine? (Reviews, Testimonials)
2. Do they have experience in your industry/countries where you exhibit?
3. Do they offer qualified and reliable booth design, project management, construction services and onsite service assistance? Are their services in-house or do they rely on third-party vendors?
4. Do you want a company that can partner with you overseas?

Hopefully, these questions help you to get started, partnering with the right trade show booth rental company to meet your needs can make or break your exhibiting experience.

Should I Buy or Rent a Trade Show Booth?

Both, trade show booth rental and trade show booth purchase have their own merits and demerits, depending on how frequently you take part in a trade show, what your show budget is, and the industry that you’re in.

Are you stuck in the rut, whether you should rent or buy a booth for your next trade show? If yes, then keep reading to figure out what’s best for your brand:

Rent a trade show booth when…

1. You are not sure how many trade shows you will attend a year.
2. You want to rent a different booth and display a different brand position at each show.
3. You don’t want to burden yourself with buying a trade show booth that will need to be stocked.
4. You want to freely use the graphics that we will design for your rental booth, for all your future professional appearances.

Buy a trade show booth when…

1. You want to use it more than three times a year.
2. You want to benefit from total independence to set up and dismantle your booth, without depending on the service provider who sold it to you.
3. You are looking for consistency in your visual identity, from one exhibition to another.
4. You want to reduce the cost of participating in each exhibition.
5. You plan to use your trade show display at multiple events, such as conferences and presentations.

Opt for Trade Show Exhibit Rentals If You Are…


A rookie exhibitor: You are attending for the first time and you are not sure of your return on investment from the show. After all, you don’t know how much capital investment in an owned booth is worth setting aside.


An international exhibitor: You live in one part of the world and the tradeshow is happening in another extreme corner. The cost of shipping your existing booth can exceed the returns from the fair. Locally renting a booth could be wiser.


Changing brand message: Your brand is rapidly growing and your marketing messages keep changing. If you don’t want to be stuck with one themed display, an exhibit rental will allow you to work with a new story each time.


Occasional exhibitor: You are not a frequent exhibitor and you won’t be able to reap the benefits of a rental exhibit over its lifetime. A custom trade show exhibit rental can keep your liabilities in check.


On a tight budget: You are falling short of budget for a custom exhibit rental but you don’t want to compromise on impact. Trade show rental booths can do it for you without burning a hole in your pocket.


Last minute planner: You are just a few weeks away from the convention and you do not have the time to build a booth from scratch. Trade show exhibit rentals can be availed as off-the-shelf solutions and can be ready for shipment in no time.


Let us create an engaging booth design concept for your next trade show exhibit rental

Is customization possible with a trade show exhibit rental?

Yes, you can! We have our own manufacturing and printing facility in San Diego and Orlando. So, we are able to customize your exhibit booth rental to suit your specifications. We offer customization for booths in various sizes and types. So whether you have a small inline booth or a large island booth, as per your briefing we make your booth design unique to your brand.

We customize parts of its structure and make it look different, customize its graphics, add attachments to augment it even further. Making your custom trade show exhibit rental look unique. When we say customizable designs we give you absolutely nothing off the shelf, we design exclusively for you because we understand every brand is different.

Can graphics be reprinted for the different shows?

Yes, we often reprint graphics for our clients who’ve planned to use the same booth design for multiple trade show events. We reprint your graphics at our printing facility in San Diego or Orlando. At our printing facilities, we use dye-sublimation technology to create fabric prints for your booth. Since we already have a 3D CAD image of your booth, all you need to is get in touch at Exponents and send us your graphical changes. All you have to do is sit back and relax because we make sure you get the finest quality booth graphics.

Is project management a part of the trade show booth rental program?

Of course. Our trade show booth rental package is inclusive of project management which means you don’t have to pay anything extra, everything is inclusive in the price that we quote. So what you get in this package –

1. Peace of mind booths. Yes, that’s our mission – to take the pains out of trade show booth rentals. We enable a seamless trade show experience for you.
2. Installation and dismantling of your exhibit rentals is entirely our responsibility. We do the installation of your trade show exhibits at the venue and also dismantle it after your show ends.
3. We do shipping of your booth, to and fro to our warehouse.
4. We are on-site, with you throughout the show. In case if you face any issues concerning the booth we are there to take care of it.
5. Lastly, we dedicate a project manager for you who takes care of the communication and coordination required between you and the show organizer, get paperwork and necessary approvals done required for the participate in trade shows.

Here’s a checklist to help you prep up for the show!

Marketing Collaterals

Print your business card
Prepare handouts like catalogs and product manuals
Fetch sample products
Ready the freebies

The Show

Book accommodation & travel tickets
Train the booth staff
Order booth refreshments
Mock demos and presentation

Exhibiting Space

Reserve booth space
Check necessary permission papers/documents
Know the rules of exhibiting at the venue

Exhibit Booth Rentals

Choose your custom exhibit rental design
Get ready your booth graphics
Booth furniture, lighting and other booth accessories
Check logistics and timely delivery

How do I find the best trade show booth designer or manufacturer?

With so many trade show booth designers or manufacturers around you it is really difficult to get the best trade show booth rentals in the USA. But we have some tips to help you select your perfect exhibit house.

Always remember to choose a trade show booth designer or manufacturer that has

1. Understanding of your business, knows the requirements of your brand and is able to reflect the very exact in your event booth rental

2. Transparent pricing policy, because ultimately your budget affects your trade show booth rental cost.

3. Offers you an all-inclusive package when you rent a trade show booth which is inclusive of installation and dismantling, on-site supervision, reverse logistics, and after-sales support.

A 15 mins call with our expert is all it takes to discover your optimum trade show booth rental


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