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Top Exhibitor in New York

New York ranks near the top as one of the most visited cities worldwide. It operates nonstop, meaning people are going 24-hours a day, 7-days per week, all year long. Just like other major cities, it has an extensive range of tourist activities to participate in for those visiting. The city is defined largely by the exquisite tourist attractions that historically are what led to its growth, such as the Statue of Liberty. Each year, countless tourists flock to see the gateway where many people passed through that ultimately led to the growth of the entire country. The fast-paced lifestyle and unending character the city offers makes it a great place for events and trade show conventions throughout the year.

New York is one state known for its “trade” in many industries. Designers, retailers, importers and exporters of food and other goods come for the conventions and other economic events. There are many exhibitions held annually where various products are shown.

There are many convention centers that accommodate such trade shows. Javits center is one of the most popular place to host trade shows and events in the city.

Custom New York Trade Shows Exhibits

There are also smaller custom trade shows annually held in New York. There are often use exhibit booths that are rented out with the exhibitors’ needs and hopes are met exceptionally. They work with the exhibitors to ensure that their trade show is a success and professional for their company standards.

Major Events in New York

There are many so many trade shows in New York every season throughout the year it can be tough to keep track except for those that pertain to your market. These conventions range from pharmaceuticals, jewelry, fashion to art. New York hosts all types activities that go along with these shows such as after parties, executive meetings, and more. Below is a list of some of the top exhibits held in the great state.

JA New York

Here is a jewelry trade show that is hosted almost three times a year in New York. For years this event has hosted more than 600 brands of jewelry that are defined as world’s exquisite and fine brands. Dealers, suppliers, and buyers from various aspects of the market come together to showcase their brands during this event. This trade show is a must for any fine jewelry designer, brand, manufacturer, and anyone looking to incorporate some class to their look.

HX, Hotel Experience

This trade show is held every year in New York has seen more than 400 exhibitors stream into the state to showcase their hospitality services and other products. This has led to a great transformation in the hospitality sector and guests have given positive feedback on hospitality services provided.

Boutique Design New York

This trade show entails various architects, interior designers, and other agents showcasing their hospitality design products once a year. It is rated as a number one trade show in the hospitality sector and has served both Canada and Europe for boutique design.

Pri-med Trade Show

It is a trade show exclusive for showcasing the latest products in the medical field. Yearly, many clinicians and medical staff parade this exhibition to get the latest in medically used products.

ISC East

This trade show in New York is exclusively for security services. Over 200 manufactures in the security field attend this trade show to showcase their brands. Most people who attend this trade show normally come from within the state as well as New Jersey.

Trade Show Booth Solutions

Most exhibitors prefer to rent a booth for their trade show event. However, renting can occasionally be expensive depending on your company needs. There are cost effective solutions to the problem and that is by purchasing a booth designed specifically for your business. Some of the solutions offered by exhibit rental and design companies are portable stands, simple and affordable designs, laminates, and fabric graphics. Whichever style of booth you choose for your company, Exponents is the go-to business to find the best solution.