Exhibition booth design

Trade shows in Houston present opportunities for anyone who has a vision about entrepreneurship. Products and services show what your company is all about. If you know you have the edge and the budget to participate in a Houston trade show, you need an eye-catching exhibit booth design. Once you have the right design, you have the ammunition in the fight against mediocrity and inferiority. International trade shows do a lot of good to many businesses if you reach that market. If you participate in international trade shows, your products and services gain exposure to both local and foreign markets.


Below are some of the recent international trade shows that took place in Houston, Texas:

  • Intro to Forex Trading & A Life Changing Opportunity. Held on December 8, 2017, by Evolve, this trade show was held for those who want to unlock their financial freedom and make themselves some real money. The people who organized this event wanted to show that being a forex trader can be profitable and done easily. During the show, the guests learned about the reasons why they should get started with forex trading, how forex trading is the best way to earn a second income, and what strategies they should learn to become profitable in a consistent way.
  • Abilities Expo Houston. On August 4, 2017, to August 6, 2017, the Abilities Expo was held for people who live with disabilities. In this international trade fair, services and products for those with disabilities, their caregivers, their families, seniors, and for those who work in the healthcare sector were presented. Participants and guests were given the opportunity to know the latest possibilities and opportunities in enriching lives and improving health.
  • 2017 Houston Nutcracker Market. This trade show is to be held on December 9, 2017, at the Clear Lake Community Center, which is located at 16511 Diana Lane, Houston TX 77062. There will be at least 50 local vendors, who will be selling their products from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM.
  • Plastec Texas Houston. From October 10, 2017, to October 11, 2017, Plastec Texas held their plastics trade fair in Houston’s NRG Center, at One Reliant Park. Top suppliers presented the newest in processing machinery, components, assembly equipment, production machinery, services, software and hardware, and raw materials. Organized by UBM Canon, this trade fair enabled their guests to interact with global suppliers of plastics, test innovations, connect with their peers, and expand their knowledge about the product and the industry.
  • ATX Texas Houston. Last October 10 to 11, 2017, ATX Texas held their event in the NRG Center, One Reliant Park. This international trade fair for automation technology featured the newest technology in robotics, motors, motion control, control software, and custom assembly. Those who registered in the trade show learned about the latest milestones in data security, smart plant design, collaborative robotics, big data, and more. They also acquired knowledge about new solutions that improve any factory’s efficiency. Organized by UBM Canon, ATX Texas trade show helped gather a deeper insight into automation technology.

If you see yourself and your business among those who participate in international trade shows, you should make certain that you have an exceptional trade show booth. With credible and experienced tradeshow booth builders like, you can truly draw in more clients and connect with more peers in more trade shows in Houston.


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