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The Pros and Cons of Trade Show Rental Displays

Conventions and trade shows are great for people to network and build connections with like-minded individuals and potential customers. For businesses, this is a key opportunity to be at the front and center in the midst of industry professionals to effectively market themselves to those actively looking to purchase. For many companies, conventions and trade shows provide the chance for continuous sales growth for the fiscal year and throughout time, if the right are connections made.

After a business has decided to participate in a trade show or convention, the next choice to make is to decide whether or not they should build their own exhibit booth or rent one. Using a trade show rental display offers great benefits to businesses as well a few disadvantages. Below, the pros and cons are weighed out when choosing to use a trade show booth rental option or set up your own booth display.

One of the main reasons a business would use a booth rental for a convention or trade show is the convenience factor. Imagine participating in a convention or trade show and not having to worry about the planning, moving equipment materials and truck, time allotted for the set-up process, as well as the dismantling of the display after the event when everyone is already exhausted. The manpower and the logistics involved with that process is something to definitely consider. Now compare it to the convenience of showing up, setting-up your sales and marketing material on a pre-built booth and then having someone else dismantle and take care of everything for you after you are done. That is the level of convenience that trade show rental displays would give you. You can just focus on presenting your business and your product to the public and let the trade show booth rental company worry about the rest.

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Aside from being convenient, it is more cost effective to use a rental instead of building your own convention and trade show booth. Some events and conventions include the cost of the booth in the participation fee for the companies who would like to setup their own display. These trade show booths are often pre-fabricated and uniform in size and design. This allows participants to keep costs to a minimum and to funnel their resources into other aspects of the business especially the quality of the product they will showcase. For trade shows that don’t include this in their pricing, then using a trade show booth rental is a great choice.

One of the downsides of using booth rentals during convention is that there is less room for booth customization. As previously mentioned, in many trade shows and conventions, the booths are normally of the same size and are pre-built. However, there are booth rental companies that allow you to customize the appearance and features of your booth. All you have to do is to communicate with the rental company to see how they can accommodate your design. This allows you to set your booth apart from the rest and make it easily recognizable. This also attracts more attention to your booth increasing foot traffic and the potential to grow your business. All in all, using a booth rental during trade shows and conventions is the best option for your company. The benefits simply outweigh costs by far and the convenience factor makes it worth every penny.

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