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5 Good Reasons to Opt for a Custom Trade Show Display

5 Good Reasons to Opt for a Custom Trade Show Display

5 Good Reasons to Opt for a Custom Trade Show Display

When headed out to a cinema hall, there are a few things that people want to see – believable acting, electrifying music, edge-of-the-seat action, and captivating visuals. All these ingredients, when combined, make for an immersive and memorable film-watching experience.

However, there’s one essential ingredient without which every other component, no matter how powerful, loses its effect – story. Without a potent storyline, a film will fail to sustain its popularity and lose out to competitors.

The same can be said about trade shows. They, too, witness consumer behavior that is similar to cinema halls, in the sense that businesses come to showcase their goods and services just like production houses do with their movies. And those who attend these shows expect as much out of the booths as we do out of movies.

However, it’s worth noting that unlike theatres, where we can watch only one film at a time, trade shows allow attendees to view hundreds of booths at once, thus making it incredibly difficult for brands to draw attention – unless they have a compelling story to tell.

This is one of the biggest reasons why companies represented by custom trade show exhibits are more successful at inviting attention than the ones with ordinary booths.

Custom exhibits let businesses tell their story more effectively, which automatically increases brand awareness, customer loyalty, and lead generation. So, if you are a business owner and participating in a trade show this year, here are 5 good reasons why you should think about opting for custom-built displays:

ValueThey Make You Relatable

Whether you are a reputable family-owned business looking to enlarge your footprint or a tech start-up showcasing your latest gizmos, it all boils down to the story of who you are, what you do, and how you can help the attendees at the trade show meet their needs and fulfill their expectations.

With custom trade show exhibits, there is a higher chance of people visiting your booth than if you were accompanied by a run-of-the-mill exhibit. From a design that replicates your business philosophy to colors that exemplify your spirit, custom exhibits let you transform into the storyteller you are and use the non-living structure to your advantage – before you pitch your products and services.

Storytelling is one of the best ways to create a strong connection with others, and you can do this in your custom display by following a theme, integrating interactive features, and using effective imagery and messaging. When done well, these elements will form a bigger picture and turn into an unforgettable experience for your visitors.

AttentionThey Grab More Eyeballs

When you visit a trade show, it’s an explosion of colors, visuals, patterns, and shapes. But spend a little time among the various displays, and you’re sure to be left more disappointed than amazed. This is because most of them appear exactly the same – the colors are dull, and the design is monotonous. There’s barely a smidgen of creativity visible as far as the eye can see.

Now imagine, one exhibit among these doppelgängers catches your eye. It is visually stunning – like an artwork you see at a museum. As you inch closer, the design makes you smile because it is a smart use of space and size.

The material of the exhibit is unique, and so are its representatives, because they are actually proud to be standing in that masterpiece. You look at the brand name, inquire about it, and make yourself remember it, all because it simply stood out from the rest. That’s exactly what custom trade show display do. They stand out and attract more eyeballs while reflecting your brand.

They Can Metamorphose on Command

Each business comes with its own set of design philosophies. This is reflected the most in displays at trade shows. Some go over the top with funky designs, eye-catching colors, and an overload of technology, while others prefer to go with a more conservative approach and use somber colors and displays that are appealing to the eye.

Whichever philosophy your business believes in, custom trade show exhibits will let you express it to the fullest. From the materials used to build the exhibit to the fabric that goes onto it, the font and color of your logo to even the way screens and monitors are placed, you give the inputs and that is how it gets made. No longer do you need to compromise and settle for pre-built models with cookie-cutter designs and layouts.

Value For MoneyThey Value Your Money

If your company participates in trade shows on a regular basis and will do so for the foreseeable future, then custom trade show exhibits are definitely an investment worth making. This is especially true if you are renting the display instead of buying one. You will be able to avoid the costs of ownership, such as storage, shipping, and maintenance, and instead allocate those funds to a plethora of other design-related expenses.


They Offer Good Returns, Fast

You might be familiar with the aphorism, “You need to spend money to make money.” Well, when you exhibit at a trade show, you most certainly need to spend money on your booth in order to rouse any curiosity among attendees and persuade them to take an active interest in your offerings. A well-crafted exhibit is a proof that you care both about your business and the audience and is the fastest route to winning people’s attention.

Now, you might say that this is twisted, but this is how the trade show world works. Thankfully, with custom trade show exhibits, you won’t have to wait too long to see the returns on your investment.

Since visitors are motivated by visuals, your custom-designed booth will create a resonance in their mind that can be tapped later through various marketing strategies. However, just getting them to step inside your booth is the first step of accomplishing this, and it will be made possible when you say something relevant through your platform.

Once that happens, you’ll be able to turn leads into customers, and customers into loyalists masterfully

For businesses, there is no better avenue than a trade show to exhibit their products and services. Thousands of people attend them, some to network and build new connections while others to gather an insight into what’s going on in the market.

Simply put, trade shows make for an extremely crucial part of a business’s marketing strategy, and the one way to stand apart in them is with custom trade show exhibits. While the aforementioned reasons make for a compelling argument as to why your company should opt for them, there is one more reason – it belongs.

You see, a custom exhibit is your brand’s life and philosophy in your words, nobody else’s. Right from the color scheme of the display to the material used in building it, from the height of the structure to how it integrates technology and graphics, each component is your brainchild, so there’s no chance of it being lackluster.

And when it comes from you, it speaks for your brand in the most authentic and passionate way possible, attracting maximum attention in the process.

If your business is on the hunt for such exhibits, which will work for you and look like they belong to no other brand but yours, then Exponents should be your go-to answer. When it comes to designing booths exactly according to your needs and requirements, the experts at Exponents are as many artists as they are builders and manufacturers.

Right from brainstorming for effective strategies to designing and delivering the final product, setting up your booth at the event to dismantling it once the show is done, we take care of every facet of trade shows at a no-nonsense price.

Most importantly, however, we truly understand your brand and only then proceed with customizing a display that stands as a testament to who you are, what you do, and which story you intend to tell.


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