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How​ ​To​ ​Create​ ​a​ ​Successful​ ​Trade​ ​Show​ ​Booth

It can be fun for your company to join a trade show or convention and exhibit what you
specialize in to a large mass of potential customers. It gives a business the opportunity to
personally meet your future clients in a manner that doesn’t happen every day. However, it also
means a lot of work not only for the company or marketing and sales department which involves
a lot of planning on how to efficiently meet new clients and generate sales.

To achieve a success with your company using a trade show exhibit, you will want to work with
a reliable trade show rental booth company like Exponents.com. This company will
collaborate with your marketing or design department to create a unique exhibit booth for your
company that will leave a lasting impression for your audience. Whatever marketing strategy
you use during the trade show, your exhibit booth is important in attracting new clients.
Exponents will work around your company vision as they are known for producing exhibit
rentals that help establish company brands, generate leads, and boost sales.

20x40 Rental Booth at MWC 2017, San Francisco

Remember the 3 basic factors in creating a successful trade show exhibit.

➢ It must be fun and interactive
Regardless of the industry your company is in, these important factors that will largely contribute
to your trade show exhibit successful. Direct marketing is considered the front line when
exhibiting your business and that is easily achieved by your brand ambassadors or company sales
or marketing representatives. Direct marketing is a traditional method used to quickly engage
people about the product or service that you sell.
Learning styles are also kinetic and visual at trade shows as visitors are typically bombarded
with information. Give your attendees something to tinker with or a demonstration when they
visit your booth to make something stand out in their mind. A product demo, hands-on model, or
a simple game related to your product or company works wonders. During a Comic-Con trade
show in New York, a gigantic iPad was used to display the products of one company. The
product ambassador was dressed as a cosplayer animal to make the experience more memorable.

➢ Be creative with your trade show exhibit
It takes 15 seconds to hold the attention of an attendee in a trade show. This means you have
very little time to make a lasting first impression of your booth. If that window of opportunity is
missed, visitors will surely wander off to the next booth. With so much visual activity going on
around them, it may seem difficult to hold their attention. The solution to this is to have a trade
show booth design that simply stands out above the rest. You may need to think outside the box
for it just to make that impression. It will be worth your while if visitors and potential customers
still remember your booth and your business long after the exhibit is over. Think of outrageous
or fun ideas that have to do with your company for your booth design that will work well for
your business.

➢ Make an unforgettable experience
Bottom line is, a trade show booth is about the client connecting with you again outside the trade
exhibit venue and an impressive trade show booth contributes to that. Give away promotional
items during the exhibit that are more unique than the usual pen or stress ball. Make it a
personalized item that is something special and fun for your attendees. Let them play a little
game in a fun setting that will reward them with these promo items. It will create a lingering
memory of your business with a fun experience.

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