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Why Choose Exponents for 30×30 Trade Show Display Rentals in New Orleans

At Exponents, we’ve helped countless clients achieve their New Orleans trade show goals by providing them with end-to-end consultation and execution services.

If you’re looking for some expert opinions on your 30×30 trade show display rental in New Orleans, here’s how we can help:

  • Brand-Specific Graphics

    Every brand is unique, and we will build on your brand’s messaging and position in the market to create fabulous graphics. Our artists will ensure that your displays are captivating and inviting, so as to draw a large crowd to your booth.

  • Ground Staff Support

    As providers of end-to-end services, we will ensure that a team of our technicians are available on the show floor during the trade show. Should there be any last minute issues with your 30×30 trade show display rental in New Orleans on the day of the event, they will fix it in a jiffy.

  • Quick Solutions

    We have become partners of choice for industry-leading brands as we are dedicated to providing customized booths in as little as two weeks. If you’re on a tight timeline, you can pick from one of our 500+ pre-built booths to customize as your 30×30 trade show display rental in New Orleans. This will cut down the preparation time significantly.

  • Expert Management

    Each and every one of our clients will be provided with a dedicated trade show expert who will manage their entire project for them. It’s the manager’s duty to coordinate all the work being done on your booth and to provide you with timely updates about the progress.

  • Logistic Services

    Our services aren’t limited to booth design and coordination. We also take on the responsibility of shipping your booth to the venue and installing it correctly. The Exponents team will also be available to dismantle the booth at the end of the show and put the display in storage for future use.

  • Customized Design

    Your booth’s layout and design will depend on your trade show goals. Are you hoping to launch a new product? Do you want to meet with potential clients in private? Do you simply want to engage with a large crowd and generate leads? Depending on what you hope to accomplish, our architects will get to work on creating a 30×30 trade show display rental in New Orleans that will allow you to achieve your goals.

What Exponents Offers to Exhibiting Brands

With decades of experience in the trade show business, Exponents can bring your dreams for your exhibit to life. Our specialized team of experts will provide you with solid advice, flawless designs, fabulous graphics, and complete on-ground support for your booth.

Our team is committed to staying updated on all the latest trends in the market and will create a booth for you that meets your brand’s guidelines, while also exceeding market expectations.

Why Trade Show Booth Rentals Are Right for Your Brand

Trade shows enable brands to achieve several marketing goals all at once. However, there’s a high price tag that comes attached to purchasing a booth for such exhibitions. With the introduction of rentals in the markets, trade shows have become affordable and accessible.

Brands can customize rental booths, use them multiple times on the circuit, and even upgrade and update their graphics at every event to meet different trade show goals.


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