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Why Choose Exponents for 20×30 Trade Show Booth Rentals in Interop ITX

The benefits that a trade show could offer your brand are innumerable. You can gain visibility, close lucrative deals, strengthen your brand and learn what’s working – all on a single platform. But, to be able to achieve all these goals, you must make sure you’re attending the right kind of show and have the perfect booth.

If you want to create a 20×30 trade show booth rental in Interop ITX that attracts all the right kind of attention, partner with Exponents and benefit from our wide range of services.

  • Booth Selection

    Find a booth that fits your needs from our hundreds of pre-built options. If you don’t like what we’ve got, we’ll work with you to create a customised 20×30 trade show booth rental at Interop ITX that aligns with your brand’s personality.

  • High-Quality Materials

    While building your customised booth, we will only use the highest-quality materials and fabrics available. Our commitment to creating good-quality booths is one of the reasons why industry leaders choose to partner with us time and again.

  • Pre-Show Demo

    Before we deliver your final booth, we’ll offer you a live demo. This will let you peek at what your 20×30 trade show booth rental in Interop ITX will actually look like and give you the opportunity to make any last-minute changes before showtime.

  • Complete Tradeshow Solutions

    While you’re busy working on a stellar marketing presentation for the trade show, we’ll look after the logistics of your 20×30 trade show booth rental in Interop ITX. We’ll ship it to the venue, install it, dismantle it, and put it in storage once the event is over.

  • Constant Support

    Your booth may be perfect, but a faulty cable line or a wonky shelf could completely throw you off your game. We’ll have one of our engineers at the trade show with you, so that they can take care of any issues that might rear their head.

  • Pocket-friendly Prices

    Once you give us your booth budget, we promise to stick to it. We understand that your finances are important, which is why we’ll only offer best-in-class materials and compelling graphics for your booth, all of which fit within the stipulated budget.

What Exponents Offers to Exhibiting Brands

At Exponents, our aim is to ensure that all our clients enjoy a truly seamless trade show experience. We take care of the building, installing, and even storing your booth so that you can focus on closing deals.

Most importantly, we understand the value of good booth design and work with you to create a compelling exhibit that blends your brand’s messaging with art. We’ll ensure that your 20×30 trade show booth rental in Interop ITX is designed keeping your trade show goals in mind.

Why Trade Show Rentals are the Right Choice

A trade show is the easiest way for you to reach out to a massive target audience. However, the high cost of purchasing a booth generally deters eager companies from participating. With rentals, you can enjoy the trade show experience for a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, rentals trade booths also allow you to upgrade your booth’s design and graphics at every tradeshow you attend. You don’t have to concern yourself with the storage and maintenance, either – that’s what we are here for.


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