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Why Choose Exponents for 20×20 Tradeshow Rental Exhibits in IAAPA

Exponents are experts when it comes to designing and taking care of all your exhibiting needs. Our award-winning 20×20 tradeshow rental exhibits in IAAPA always impress the crowds at large and get you the right. Fast and easy to work with, we also give you the best value for your money.

With our trendy booths, you can carve a niche for yourself in the industry and gain access to the following services:

  • Unique Designs and Graphics

    Exponents have a wide range of designs and styles for you to select from. Our design team will help you with amazing graphics that will let your 20×20 tradeshow rental exhibit in IAAPA to stand out.

  • Always on Budget

    We are always on budget and we strongly disapprove of nonsensical quotes. You will pay exactly the price we quote, no more. With us, you do not have to worry about hidden costs and sneaky charges in your invoice.

  • Pre-Build Promise

    We have something unique that sets us apart from other booth rental companies. Before the final day, we will pre-test your 20×20 tradeshow rental exhibit in IAAPA so you can have a preview of what the actual booth would look like. This is done to make sure everything is in place and goes off smoothly on the day of the show.

  • Start-to-finish Management

    Your show deserves all our attention. We have a dedicated project manager assigned to your 20×20 tradeshow rental exhibit in IAAPA. The manager will guide you throughout the show, supporting you from start to finish.

  • Custom Booth Engineering

    Though we have a number of pre-build designs to choose from, you can get access to custom engineered rental booths of your choice. Simply tell us your requirements and we will set up your booth exactly the way you want.

  • Full Service

    We believe in offering all our clients complete services, which is why we take care of everything with regards to your 20×20 tradeshow rental exhibit in IAAPA. Delivery, construction, management, and even dismantling of the booth is handled by us.

What Exponents Offers to Exhibiting Brands

Exponents is a booth rental company that lends a helping hand to brands exhibiting at trade shows. We give brands the opportunity to build customer relationships and attract the attention of visitors at a glance.

With our award-winning booths, brands are able to showcase their best features in a way that’s striking and productive. Our unique designs bring out the best in your brand and give you the freedom to express yourself freely.

Why Booth Display Rentals are a Good Choice for You

Trade show booth rentals offer you a number of advantages that are not possible to achieve with permanent booths. Apart from being cost-effective, they also give you the flexibility to experiment with a number of different designs and sizes.

It’s like a trial-and-error process where you can evaluate the outcome of each show to see what suits your brand the best. With a permanent exhibit, you are stuck with the same booth for every show, while with booth rentals, you can customize them in order to achieve a fresh look every time.


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