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Why Choose Exponents for 20×20 Trade Show Rentals in Supercomputing – SC18

If you’re looking for a way to get your brand noticed in a highly competitive market, a trade show is ideal for you. Here, you’ll be able to showcase your unique services and products to a wide audience while also getting a better understanding of how your competitors work.

You may feel that getting a 20×20 trade show rental in Supercomputing – SC18 isn’t enough to put your brand on the map, but our range of services could help you there:

  • Start-to-Finish Support

    The minute you start working with us for your 20×20 trade show rental in Supercomputing – SC18, you can rest assured that we will take care of everything. We’ll design it, ship it, assemble it, provide on-site assistance, dismantle it, and even store it in case you need it again for another show.

  • Continuous Updates

    While you focus on preparing your presentation for the trade show, we will work on designing and building your booth. Don’t worry, we’ll send real-time updates about the progress of your booth, so you know exactly what’s going on.

  • Compelling Graphics

    The first thing a trade show attendee will notice about your booth are the graphics. The location of your brand name and logo goes a long way in helping customers remember you and your services. Our ace designers will create eye-catching graphics that we’ll print on high-quality materials to ensure that your booth stands out.

  • A Single Manager

    A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your 20×20 trade show rental in Supercomputing – SC18. The manager will learn about your brand and ensure that all our internal teams work in tandem to give you a booth that fulfils your needs.

  • Design with Function

    Do you want to have live demos in your booth? Or perhaps you’d like a private room where you can sign contracts with new clients. The booths we design are functional, so we’ll create a lounge opposite your live demo counter and leave ample space for your private room.

  • Cost-Effective Booths

    Rentals are always cheaper than purchased booths. But at Exponents, we promise to stick to your budget (no matter how high or low) while still providing high-quality materials for your booth.

What Exponents Offers to Exhibiting Brands

Over the years, Exponents have partnered with a number of brands to fill their trade show spot with our award-winning booth designs. Our experience in the field has made us one of the country’s leading trade show partners.

We would be honored to use that expertise, along with our functional designs and eyeball-grabbing graphics to bring your 20×20 trade show rental in Supercomputing – SC18 to life.

Why Trade Show Rentals are Right for Your Brand

When weighing the costs of attending a trade show, a rental definitely comes out on top. Besides saving you money, rentals also allow you the chance to be flexible with your designs and booth configurations. While you may want to exhibit with a 20×20 trade show rental in Supercomputing – SC18, you can choose to get a bigger booth at your next trade show.

When you rent, you can easily upgrade your booth size and even your design to ensure that your brand’s representative is always on trend and attracting the right kind of attention.


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