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Why Choose Exponents for 20×20 Trade Show Booth Display Rentals in Intersolar North America

In an ideal world, your trade show experience would yield the exact ROI you wanted, boost your brand to unprecedented heights, and turn you into the most sought-after name in the industry. But life doesn’t always work out that way, does it?

Well, if you decide to bring us on board, it just might. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years now, which means we have witnessed first-hand what works (and what doesn’t) for most exhibitors. Here’s everything we do that works:

  • Intricate Designs

    One of the things we do best is integrating noteworthy elements of your brand into the booth so that it perfectly encapsulates who you are and what you do. The visitor need only glance at your 20×20 trade show booth display rental in Intersolar North America to know how you fit into their requirements.

  • Memorable Graphics

    Graphic design is a pivotal factor is determining the effectiveness of your trade show booth. Our qualified designers are committed to enhancing your 20×20 trade show booth display rental in Intersolar North America with materials and technology that will give attendees something to remember you by.

  • Smart Space Utilisation

    A 20×20 trade show booth display rental in Intersolar North America leaves a lot of room to include space-optimising components like meeting areas, kiosks, inobtrusive storage, and 360˚ branding for maximum visibility. We’ll ensure every square inch is utilised to its fullest potential.

  • End-to-end Management

    In order to meet your timing and budget requirements, we schedule each part of the process of designing and building your booth down to the T. The project manager we assign to you will make sure everything goes as per plan and without a hitch.

  • Installation and Dismantling

    As a part of our promise to facilitate a hassle-free trade show exhibiting experience, we will not only ship the 20×20 trade show booth display rental in Intersolar North America but also assemble it in place. At the end, we will even take it down for you.

  • On-site Support

    It is difficult to focus on the needs of your customers when your monitor conks off or a banner gets displaced. To keep your concentration on the things that matter, we’ll stick around during the event and fix anything that threatens to derail your focus.

What Exponents Offers to Exhibiting Brands

Your trade show booth can be everything you want it to be, provided you entrust the experts at Exponents to help you out and guide you in the right direction. Along with sage advice, we will take care of design conceptualization, graphics creation, project management, shipping, installation, and dismantling.

We will also accompany you to the event, just in case anything goes awry with your 20×20 trade show booth display rental in Intersolar North America.

Why Trade Show Booth Display Rentals are Right for Your Brand

Warehousing. Maintenance. Shipping. Installation. Dismantling. These are just a few of the strings attached to the act of buying a booth. Renting eliminates all the major cons of exhibiting at a trade show. You don’t have to worry about creating space for the several pieces that comprise booth rentals, nor do you have to be concerned with any other ownership costs like repair and maintenance.

We will even ship, assemble, and dismantle it – so that you can do what’s important to rock that ROI.


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