Booths for Rent in Shows - AHR Expo (Atlanta, Georgia)

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Why Choose Exponents for 20×20 Rental Exhibits in AHR Expo

Whether you’re looking for display rentals, planning to build a 20×20 Rental Exhibits in AHR Expo, or willing to rent island displays, at Exponents, we bring solutions for all your rental problems.

As an award-winning trade show booth design company, our aim is to build a strong and meaningful relationship with our clients. Besides offering innovative exhibit solutions, we also offer the right financial considerations that allow businesses to set up an impressive booth for their brand, all within their budget.  

Listed below are a few services that help us work closely with our clients and execute custom booths:

  • Graphic Production

    Graphics can amplify the appearance of your booth and brand. This is why, we hire digital graphic specialists who are well-acquainted with their craft as well as market trends and have the potential to deliver stellar designs.

  • Project Management

    For the whole process to pan out smoothly, we assign a project manager who will be available throughout the event to assist and guide you. This will keep you focused on the bigger picture.

  • Consultation

    At Exponents, we’ll listen to your needs and requirements so as to build a booth that reflects your goals. We will gain a substantial understanding of your brand and its values, and channel the information into a product that will wow the attendees.

  • Installing, Dismantling and Shipping

    At Exponents, we’ll do all the laborious tasks at a budget-friendly price and give you the liberty to enjoy the actual execution of the trade show and the fruit it bears.

  • On-site Supervision

    While you are busy preparing a wonderful presentation, we’ll take care of any issues with your 20×20 rental exhibits in AHR Expo that might rear their head out of nowhere and threaten to derail your whole event.

  • Pre-build Booths

    We offer you the opportunity to view your booth before it’s physically set up. This will give you a better understanding of the final product and allow you to make any changes, if required.

What Exponents Offer to Brands Participating in Trade Shows

By choosing Exponents, you give your brand a chance to pick from a wide variety of styles and designs that can make your booth stand out. Our rental display inventory contains the latest designs that are not only in-demand but also flexible in style and functionality.

So, if you don’t want to settle for an ordinary booth, choose Exponents. We can help you build a stellar 20×20 rental exhibits in AHR Expo that will surely help you convert your investment into returns.

Why Trade Show Rentals are Exactly What Your Brand Needs

If you are a trade show decision maker, you might be wondering – should I go for a 20×20 rental exhibits in AHR Expo or purchase one?

Well, let us tell you that renting a tradeshow booth is not devoid of an attractive set of advantages. Rentals give you the option to modify your booth for each individual show based on your objective and target audience. Besides, rental trade booths allow you to avoid the cost and time spent on installing, dismantling, and shipping it. So, if your aim is to produce a trade booth that is one-of-a-kind and falls within your budget, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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