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Why Choose Exponents for 20×20 Rental Exhibition Stand Designs in Print Graph Expo GASC

Orchestrating a successful trade show performance requires expertise and successful execution of well-defined tasks. Time is another constraint that has to be taken into account and strictly followed. This is why companies tend to outsource crucial tasks like booth construction and design from one of the leading experts in the trade show business – us.

Here are some of our services that will simplify your exhibiting experience and make your 20×20 rental exhibition stand design in Print Graph Expo GASC stand out:

  • Brand Orientation

    Once you fix an appointment for a face-to-face interview with our expert consultants for your 20×20 rental exhibition stand design in Print Graph Expo Gasc, they will try to gauge your brand as well as needs before determining the best possible marketing strategy.

  • Enticing Graphics

    We’ll provide you with digital graphics specialists who’ll design enthralling visuals for your stall. Since you know your brand best, you give us a theme and we’ll improvise by employing a combination of textures to add layers of details to your exhibit.

  • All-Inclusive Pricing

    Our pricing structure for your 20×20 rental exhibition stand design in Print Graph Expo Gasc will be easy to understand and manage. There will be no additional fees or hidden charges involved, and we’ll offer a breakdown of your fees for the sake of complete transparency.

  • Adept Management

    Every important project needs a dedicated manager to define the tasks and oversee their successful execution. The manager we assign to your project will be trained to look after every aspect of your exhibit and shoulder the responsibility of keeping you updated about its progress.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

    We value a customer-focused approach, and nothing takes precedence over our esteemed clients. Our employees genuinely care about the success of your 20×20 rental exhibition stand design in Print Graph Expo Gasc and will collaborate with you to make your exhibit a glittering success.

  • Audio-Visual Setup

    The lighting will be set up to highlight the different textures of your graphics and augment the visual appeal of your stall. The sound system is also important as it can facilitate clearer and more memorable interaction with the visitors. We’ll make sure your booth fully engages anyone who steps inside it.

What Exponents Offers to Exhibiting Brands

Having been in the tradeshow industry for over 30 years, we have developed a keen sense of understanding about the hits and misses of a booth. Our services have been tailored to fulfill both realistic and idealistic expectations of our clients, whether it is in the design aspect or the logistical one.

Once you entrust us to figure out the right way to present your brand in front of a large audience, you can rest assured that the results will be to your liking.

Why Booth Rental Displays are Right for Your Brand

Springing for a rental or purchasing a permanent exhibit – it’s the oldest dilemma in the world of trade shows. As experts in the industry, we can tell you that rentals booth display is far more cost-effective than owned booths. There are no overhead or disposal costs to worry about, nor will you have to spend your resources storing or maintaining the exhibit.

Also, rentals offer you the flexibility to upgrade your design after every show, which is important if you want to keep things interesting for your visitors.


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