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Why Choose Exponents to Hire 20×20 Exhibition Stands in Fabtech

In order to make the most of your trade show experience, soliciting the assistance of experts who are specifically involved in providing holistic solutions to exhibitors is an absolutely crucial step. Our team at Exponents is well-versed with the lay of the land and can guide you through the most uneven of roads in your journey to success.

Here are some of our services that will come in handy when you are exhibiting:

  • Knowing Your Brand

    We want to provide the best service possible without making any compromises. To do that, we need to know your brand and industry better. Once we understand your brand fully, we’ll begin work on your 20×20 hire exhibition stand in Fabtech.

  • Designing Your Booth

    We will design your booth based on our thorough grasp over your brand. The design will represent you and your products in the most desirable light while being creative and accommodative of all graphics, furniture, sound, and lighting equipment.

  • Fair Pricing

    We want our customers to be satisfied not only with our services, but also with the value they derive from their spending. Our prices are justified in the sense that we charge all clients fairly and in accordance with the services rendered. The best part? There are no hidden costs whatsoever.

  • Customer Service

    We believe in communicating our services to our customers in the best possible way. We will establish effective communication channels to keep you updated at every step of the journey. At no point will you have to wonder about the progress of your booth.

  • Quality Equipment

    Why we employ high-quality equipment for your 20×20 hire exhibition stand in Fabtech is a matter of common sense. Nobody wants substandard materials to ruin their exhibit and cause unanticipated issues. You can always be assured of our top-notch equipment quality.

  • Deft Management

    Inept management of your 20×20 hire exhibition stand in Fabtech will lead to bad results. Even comprehensive planning will be rendered useless if the manger doesn’t know how to define tasks and execute them. That’s why we assign project managers who actually know what they’re doing, all the way to the end.

What Exponents Offers to Exhibiting Brands

If you ask us, each brand is radically distinctive and without a parallel, and that’s how we treat every tradeshow booth we create for our clients. Every aspect of the design is carefully customized to represent your brand’s identity as lucidly as possible, and it really shows by the time we are done constructing the exhibit booth.

We will do everything in our capacity to make sure your display stands out at a crowded show and catches the eye of the right people.

Why Rental Exhibition Stands are Right for Your Brand

Overshooting your trade show budget can lead to disastrous consequences and even deprive you of the most basic foundations that make an exhibit attractive. Instead of buying a booth, why not use a mere fraction of that amount and rent one that is just as beneficial and effective?

You won’t have to bother with any additional charges for storage and maintenance, and you’ll get to leverage its infinite flexibility in terms of design and layout modification after every show. If you pick a 20×20 hire exhibition stand in Fabtech designed by us, you can ease your mind of all logistical worries, too!


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