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Why Choose Exponents for 20×20 Convention Booth Rentals in Money 20/20

In theory, exhibiting at a trade show seems simple enough. However, when you start planning the details of your booth and marketing strategy, you quickly learn that it is harder than the myriad of blogs about the subject let on.

Unless your plan involves hiring an accomplished and accountable team of experts to help you out with the process. Here’s how Exponents can make your exhibiting process easier:

  • Understanding Your Brand

    We recognize the importance of a booth that tells audiences who you are at a single glance. To deliver such a product, we take the time to understand what your brand is all about, how it functions, and who it is targeted towards.

  • Designing Your Exhibit

    We use the knowledge gathered during consultation to design the 20×20 convention booth rental in Money 20/20 so that it fluently expresses your brand’s personality. If you have something specific in mind, let us know and we will blend it seamlessly.

  • Crafting Unique Graphics

    The last thing you want to do at an event is look the same as everyone else. Visitors will only remember you if you stand out, and our graphic designers will ensure your 20×20 convention booth rental in Money 20/20 achieves that.

  • Providing Test Runs

    We won’t make you wait until the last minute to lay eyes on your masterpiece. We’ll call you over for an inspection of the mock-up design so you can examine it at length and make sure everything is as you hoped.

  • Managing Every Aspect

    With a state-of-the-art design studio and full-service capabilities, we are a one-stop solution to all your trade show needs. From designing the display to building it using materials and fabrics of the highest quality, we will deal with everything.

  • Shipping and Installation

    Yes, we will also take care of the delivery and installation of your 20×20 convention booth rental in Money 20/20 in a timely manner. And when the event is done, we’ll take the whole thing down without needing you to so much as lift a finger.

What Exponents Offers to Brands Participating in Trade Shows

As one of the country’s most sought-after trade show rental service, our priority is to provide you with a display that surpasses your expectations and dazzles your visitors.

Whether it’s formulating an overall strategy, designing your 20×20 convention booth rental in Money 20/20, managing the day-to-day proceedings, or actually setting the booth up, we specialize in every aspect that makes a trade show successful. And we do it in the most budget-friendly way you can imagine.

Why Convention Booth Rentals are Right for You

It’s no secret that participating in a trade show can weigh quite heavy on the pocket. However, there are several ways in which you can cut down the costs and make the whole event more affordable. For instance, you could opt for a rental display instead of purchasing one.

Rentals come at a fraction of the price of a permanent booth and don’t comprise of any ownership costs. We will be in charge of shipping, assembling, dismantling, storing, repairing, and maintaining your 20×20 convention booth rental in Money 20/20 – while you focus on your presentation.


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