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Why Choose Exponents for 10×20 Tradeshow Rentals in ATD

Given the many advantages associated with trade shows, it is essential to get your exhibiting strategy right. Not making the right moves can turn you invisible in the crowd, literally.

To make sure your display is not only visible but in fact stands out, Exponents will provide the following services:

  • Extensive Market Research

    You can arrange for a face-to-face interview with our consultants and communicate your needs and expectations. We will gather qualitative and quantitative data by conducting a comprehensive research and ascertain the best market for you. By this method, we will formulate a unique approach for your brand.

  • Exceptional Booth Design

    The booth design should not only be unique but also symbolic of your brand image, and it should reflect your marketing campaign. You can provide a brief outline of the design to us, and we will improvise on it. The final design of your 10×20 tradeshow rental in ATD will be creatively engineered to capture attention.  

  • End-to-End Logistical Solutions

    Our team is well-trained to handle booth equipment and furniture the proper way. Our logistics partners will deliver the exhibit well in advance to avoid any last-minute problems. After the show, we will carefully dismantle your 10×20 tradeshow rental in ATD.

  • Compelling Graphics Production

    Graphics are a bait that will attract the maximum number of customers to your stall. Our designers understand that in this age of digital marketing, creative graphics are the key o increased brand recall. That’s why we will use only the best materials and employ inkjet technology for printing your 10×20 tradeshow rental in ATD.

  • Indigenous Booth Construction

    Important factors like installation requirements and other logistics will be taken into account before constructing your booth. You have choices ranging from lightweight modular systems to heavy structural designs. We will customize every aspect of your 10×20 tradeshow rental in ATD so that it represents your brand strongly.

  • On-Ground Assistance

    To rid you of any concerns regarding the performance of the booth, we will assign an on-site supervisor to oversee the event and anticipate issues even before they arise. This way, any anomalies can be mitigated in time, and the show can go on smoothly.

What Exponent Offers to Exhibiting Brands

Some of the world’s most prominent brands lean on us for all their tradeshow needs, mainly because we provide a comprehensive set of services under a single umbrella. You won’t have to shop for booth furniture or graphics elsewhere once we’ve zeroed in on a design and layout, nor will you have to approach a different team for shipping and installation.

We promise to handle every microscopic aspect of the booth while also ensuring that your brand is represented as authentically as possible.

Why Booth Display Rental is Apt for Your Brand

Rental booths are a boon to every business owner who wishes to exhibit their brand in front of a large audience without taking a huge hit on the wallet. They’re a fraction of the cost of a permanent exhibit and provide you with enough flexibility to modify your design and components after every show you participate in.

In addition to that, you won’t even have to bear the burden of hauling the booth from the warehouse to the venue all by yourself – we will look after the logistical side of things for you.


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