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Why Choose Exponents for 10×20 Trade Show Rental Exhibits in ACEP

Every brand has a story, and the most exciting way of sharing it with the audience is with a beautiful exhibit at a trade show. As an award-winning booth design company, Exponents have helped some of the world’s most renowned brands tell their stories through exhibits that are unique, elegant, functional, and high-quality.

If you, too, are on the hunt for similar booths, or have something specific in mind for your business, we would love to offer our wide range of services to you:

  • Ice-breaker Designs

    When a potential customer passes by your booth, you won’t have to wonder how to get the conversation started – your 10×20 trade show rental exhibit in ACEP will do that for you! With a stunning design that echoes your brand’s personality effortlessly, our booth will help visitors get to know you.

  • Quality Materials

    We pay careful attention to the fabrics and materials being used to craft your booth. It might be that you wish to reuse the same exhibit at a different show, which is why our manufacturers ensure that it is durable enough to withstand some wear and tear.

  • Audio Visual Communications

    If you want the audience to remember you long after the show is done, we have just the strategy to make that happen. By engaging all the senses of your visitors through creative graphics that sound as good as they look, we will make you unforgettable.

  • Real-time Updates

    While it’s completely natural for you to be worried about the progress of your 10×20 trade show rental exhibit in ACEP, we’ll still do everything it takes to put your mind at ease. The project manager assigned to you will keep you updated at all times.

  • Storage and Logistics

    To ensure the timely delivery of your 10×20 trade show rental exhibit in ACEP, we’ll take that responsibility upon ourselves and make sure it reaches you as per schedule. We will also install the whole thing, and then dismantle it once the show has ended.

  • On-site Supervision

    Apart from helping you plan, coordinate, and organise all the details of your display, we will also stay by your side while the show is underway to make sure anything that goes haywire with the booth is instantly fixed.

What Exponents Offers to Exhibiting Brands

Exhibiting at a trade event demands some serious planning and masterful execution. When you partner with us, we take a large chunk of the pressure off your shoulders by taking charge of designing, manufacturing, and delivering your 10×20 trade show rental exhibit in ACEP.

We’ll also lead the charge on other significant aspects of your display, such as graphics, fabrics, and visual communications. Our aim is to bring your vision to life and create something that surpasses your expectations.

Why Trade Show Rental Exhibits are a Popular Choice

One of the biggest myths surrounding the trade show industry is that buying a booth is the only way to seem respectable in the eyes of potential customers. If you rent an exhibit from us instead, not only will it save you a considerable amount of money but also look like it belongs to your brand.

In addition, a rental booth is flexible in terms of design and allows you to shake things up. You won’t even need to worry about setting up the 10×20 trade show rental exhibit in ACEP – we’ll do it for you.


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