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Why Choose Exponents for 10×20 Trade Show Rental Displays in Shop.Org

Promoting a brand is not as easy as one might assume, which is why trade events are so popular among businesses. They serve as the perfect platform to get the word out in the market about who you are and what you do. And if you shop your rental booth from Exponents, you will be able to do so with an added spring to your step.

How so? Well, here’s a glimpse of the approach we will take when we’re working on your 10×20 trade show rental display in Shop.Org:

  • Construct Your Booth Signage

    The signage in and around your 10×20 trade show rental display in Shop.Org is an important aspect of your design. Your logo should be clearly visible and uncluttered. We always advise our customers to go for a simple, fuss-free, and consistent feel to encourage brand awareness.

  • Choose the Right People

    The project manager we assign to handle your project from start to finish is highly experienced, competent, and devoted. They will serve as a bridge between you and our team so that nothing is lost in translation and the communication is 100% honest.

  • Nail Down Your Criteria

    We ask you to think about what it is that you are hoping to achieve from the event. Is it to unveil a new product? Or to attract customers toward your brand? Being privy to your ultimate goal will help us finalize an effective strategy.

  • Make People Stay Longer

    We will come up with creative and unusual ways to drive traffic into your booth and give people a reason to stay. This could be through furniture that is comfortable and allows your visitors to rest a bit or quizzes and contests that stimulate their interests.

  • Increase Your Recall Value

    The best way to ensure your customers don’t forget about you is to give something they can take back home with them. Our creative team will customise mementos of your choice with your brand’s credentials so that you can stay in people’s minds for a long time.

  • Enhance Your Visual Appeal

    It’s easy to forget what one reads, but not what one sees. We’ll leverage this to your advantage by crafting eye-catching displays, video presentations, and demos around your 10×20 trade show rental display in Shop.Org that can easily grab attention.

What Exponents Offers to Brands Participating in Trade Shows

With strong management and an even stronger team of designers and graphic artists on our side, Exponents have all the resources it takes to create a truly immersive trade show experience, both for you and your audience.

Right from shipping and installation to on-site supervision and eventual dismantling of the 10×20 trade show rental display in Shop.Org, we are well-equipped to handle everything that comes our way.

Why Trade Show Exhibit Rentals are Right for Your Brand

There’s a reason even some of the most seasoned brands prefer rental exhibits over permanent ones. First and foremost, when you rent, you don’t have to do everything by yourselves. You have the assistance of our team at every stage, which saves you a ton of time and yes, even money.

Secondly, you gain access to cutting-edge displays that you can modify with every show, thus giving you a fresh feel at every event.


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