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Why Choose Exponents for 10×20 Trade Show Rental Booths in Power Gen International

Trade shows have changed rapidly over the past few years. Customers are more informed about you before even setting foot at the event. Luckily, our experience has attuned us to this evolved landscape.

When we set up your 10×20 trade show rental booth in Power Gen International, you’ll be able to tap into our rich expertise to handle every aspect of your show.

  • Pre-planning

    Every part of your show has to be minutely planned to get the best results. We will stand right with you during this process and make sure that no detail of your 10×20 trade show rental booth in Power Gen International is a last-minute thought.

  • Booth Visualisation

    One of the disadvantages of trying to go this alone is that your last minute setup may throw unpleasant surprises. But not when you work with the professionals. We will arrange a preview of your booth well ahead of the event.

  • Goal Determination

    What do you hope to achieve through the trade show? Is your goal just to spread awareness or do you also want to generate leads? We’ll ask you many questions so that we can hone in on your expectations and prepare ourselves accordingly.

  • Hassle-free Administration

    Not only will we install your booth, but our team will also be present on the ground to take care of any disruptions or problems during the event. The dismantling is also taken care of by us, eradicating the need for you to get your hands dirty.

  • Follow-up

    We will take care of everything from setup to dismantling of your 10×20 trade show rental booth in Power Gen International, freeing you up to focus on how many good leads were generated and your learnings from the event.

  • Location! Location!

    Our experts have a lot of advice around the ideal spot for a 10×20 trade show rental booth in Power Gen International. Discuss the best options before you put down money on one. Don’t worry about size because our designers and managers have a dizzying array of ideas that will promote your brand in any setting.

What Exponents Offers to Brands Participating in Trade Shows

Unsparing focus on your vision, unique selection of designs, dedicated management, live demonstration, shipping, installation, and dismantling of booths are some of the services we offer. Our main goal is to make the show a game-changer for your brand, and to achieve that, we will do everything it takes.

All we ask of you is unwavering confidence in our ability to create the best 10×20 trade show rental booth in Power Gen International.

Why Trade Show Rental Booths are Right for Your Brand

If you don’t want to end up paying out of your teeth for the same look at every trade show you participate in, then you should definitely consider renting a booth instead of buying one.

Exhibit rentals give you cost-effective and professional options while giving you access to revolutionary designs as well as experts like us who stand beside you through the highs and lows of your show.


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