Booths for Rent in Shows - GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas (Los Angeles, California)

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Why Choose Exponents for 10×20 Rental Exhibition in GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas

A modern trade show is a hyper-evolved version of a marketplace, where many large B2B transactions happen. You may also stumble upon your future business partner.

This means a successful presentation at a trade show will reap great dividends in the future and land you lucrative deals. Exponents will provide high-quality services that will ensure your success. Following are just some of the services provided by us:

  • Mission Determination

    It isn’t uncommon for exhibitors to be oblivious to the intricate details of a successful performance at an event. Trade show management comprises of many components that tend to be overlooked. Our consultants know the ropes quite well and will offer expert advice based on your expectations and budget.

  • Display Design

    We will take your idea and enrich it with vibrant imagery until your booth is designed to perfection. We will also give you a sneak-peek of your 10×20 rental exhibition in GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas through detailed drawings and 3D renders.

  • Booth Construction

    Our custom booths are built using top-quality materials and range from lightweight modular systems to large structural designs. You have the liberty of choosing from a wide array of materials and pre-planned themes.

  • Graphic Production

    Graphics will aid the development of your display, which is crucial to attract the right attention. Our spontaneous and free-flowing graphic designers will employ cutting-edge technology to enhance your 10×20 rental exhibition in GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas.

  • Logistical Know how

    Our professionals will handle the transportation, storage, and assembly of your kiosk. They will also ensure the safe delivery of your booth and accompanying graphics and equipment. Everything will be set up exactly as promised, and later, dismantled by us, too.

  • Audio-Visual

    Our expert technicians will skillfully set up sound and lighting for your 10×20 rental exhibition in GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas. We use the best equipment to avoid any technical snags during the show.

What Exponents Offers to Exhibiting Brands

Our work incorporates high levels of creativity, proficiency, and ingenuity – offering you the most unique solutions to all your tradeshow problems. We have earned our expertise over a period of 30 years and use our experience and technical knowledge to serve you and your brand well.

We are an award-winning company, renowned for providing a comprehensive set of services that consider every perspective and take the necessary steps to confirm your success.

Why Booth Rental Display is Right for Your Brand

Budget constraints are one of the biggest inhibitors among businesses for tradeshow participation. The best way around it is to rent a booth instead of buying one, as the latter isn’t viable for companies operating on tight funds. By renting, you will save an enormous amount of money on initial investment as well as ownership and disposal costs.

Plus, you get to reinvent your 10×20 rental exhibition in GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas over and over for subsequent shows, offering visitors something new to see every time.


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