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Why Choose Exponents for 10×20 Rental Exhibition Stand Ideas in Money20/20

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an old-timer on the tradeshow circuit or gearing up for your first event, a little help from experts can go a long way in setting up a booth that works like a charm on the target audience.

At Exponents, we provide services to small businesses and large corporations alike. If you pick us as your tradeshow partner, here’s how we will help you out:

  • Expert Consultation

    Our consulting experts possess extensive knowledge of the tradeshow industry. They will sit and discuss every important detail of your brand so that we can incorporate it into your 10×20 rental exhibition stand ideas in Money20/20 and make your exhibit look like it belongs to you.

  • The Perfect Design

    Designing your booth in tandem with your brand values is a part of our promise. The design will be representative of your products and services. Our design experts will improvise on your concept and engineer the perfect 10×20 rental exhibition stand ideas in Money20/20 for you.

  • Alluring Graphics

    This aspect of the project is most crucial and will determine how many attendees flock to your stall. Graphics should be designed wisely keeping in mind that they are effective communication tools affecting a visitor’s decision.

  • Flawless Construction

    Haphazard construction done with substandard materials will sooner or later lead to disaster. We will execute your 10×20 rental exhibition stand ideas in Money20/20 with high levels of precision and materials of elite quality, thus rendering the booth effective for multiple uses.

  • Dedicated Management

    Every client requires a dedicated manager who will define the lifecycle of the project. We’ll assign a manager to oversee all booth-related tasks and their execution as per corresponding deadlines while ensuring they are accomplished successfully.

  • Audio-Visual Accompaniment

    Perfect lighting is necessary to highlight the rich and varied textures of your graphics. Sound is another attention-capturing tool and can make your display interesting and interactive. Our technicians will use the best audio-visual equipment to bring your 10×20 rental exhibition stand ideas in Money20/20 to life.

What Exponents Offers to Exhibiting Brands

No matter how simple or complex your requirement, it is our job to get it right. With the help of our proficient designers and architects, we will custom build a tradeshow booth that doesn’t just meet your expectations but surpasses them.

However, that’s the only time we will surprise you because every other aspect of your project will be agreed upon before the work begins. What this means is, there will be no post-show bills waiting to rear their undesirable heads – what we quote is what you will pay.

Why Rental Displays are Right for Your Brand

Although it may seem otherwise, rental booths actually offer tons of benefits that an owned booth does not. For instance, you have the freedom to customize your rental any number of times for any number of shows without having to limit yourself to anyone design or layout.

Additionally, you won’t be obligated to shell out ownership and disposal charges for storage, maintenance, and repair, because as your event partner, we will do that for you. Lastly, rental displays are easier on the pocket, which means you can assign more of your budget to customize yours and making it look just the way you want.


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