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Why Choose Exponents 10×20 Rental Exhibition Booths in Global Gaming Expo – G2E

A trade show is one of the best ways to put your company on the map. Here, you get the opportunity to showcase your products and services to an all-new audience while also interacting with them. To make a memorable impression amongst peers and clients, simply opting for a standard exhibit won’t be enough. You’ll have to go the extra mile.

In order to leverage the full power of a trade show, and build your 10×20 trade show rental in Global Gaming Expo – G2E, you can partner with us and enjoy our wide range of services:

  • Different Designs

    The biggest advantage of having a 10×20 rental exhibition booth in Global Gaming Expo – G2E is that you can explore different opportunities with design. Here, our design team can be your driving force to set you apart from the competition.

  • On-point Accessories

    When it comes to using latest technology, graphics, and accessories, we offer the whole works. This will help with audience engagement and attract the right kind of attention to your booth.

  • An Audio-Visual Kit

    The right kind of sight and sound can turn any show on its heels. With video walls, interactive screens, and special effects, we help you create the perfect atmosphere for attendees.

  • Business Savvy

    When the world’s leading brands rely on us for all their trade show requirements, it means we must be doing something right. We offer our wealth of knowledge to help you make all the right decisions towards your trade show goals.

  • Quality Materials

    We use materials that are strong and durable while being affordable and reusable. By coupling design with functionality, we help you build the best 10×20 trade show rental in Global Gaming Expo – G2E.

  • End-to-end Solutions

    We want every single aspect of your exhibit to be perfect. That is why e shoulder the responsibility of designing, shipping, assembling, as well as dismantling your 10×20 trade show rental in Global Gaming Expo – G2E. While we promptly take care of all that, you can steadily focus on product promotion.

What Exponents Offers to Exhibiting Brands

Over the years, we’ve partnered with a number of leading businesses and brands to enhance and uplift their trade show experience. Expert advice, superior quality, and unparalleled services are only some of the things we offer our customers and clients.

Our teams of designers, manufacturers, and managers are all committed to help you meet your trade show goals. Simply put, we will be the perfect partner through the entire process.

Why Trade Show Rentals are the Correct Choice for You

If you are looking for flexibility, customization, low maintenance, turnkey execution, and simple setup options, then a 10×20 trade show rental in Global Gaming Expo – G2E works brilliantly well. Along with a more affordable booth, you also get to constantly upgrade its look and feel at every trade show.

With the perfect booth in tow and our expert guidance on hand, you’re all set for success. All you have to do is reach out to us and we’ll take it from there.


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