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Why Choose Exponents for 10×20 Exhibition Display Rentals in APHA

As a full-service booth build and design company that delivers brand experiences, we aim to provide the best facilities in the industry and deliver unique solutions to all of your tradeshow problems. Whether you are planning to create a large exhibit or set up a 10×20 exhibition display rental in APHA, with us as your partner, you’re bound to enjoy a stress-free experience and unbeatable quality of service.

To understand us better, take a look at some of the services we offer:

  • Booth Construction

    At Exponents, we offer clients an assortment of hassle-free design options. Although, if you have a specific idea in mind, we are more than happy to oblige. This helps us maintain a healthy flow of creativity that tends to generate positive results.

  • Graphics Solutions

    Our expert designers are adept at figuring out the best way to design the imagery for your stall. Besides, the graphics we use are made with state-of-the-art technology that can quite literally add life to the visuals of your 10×20 exhibition display rental in APHA.

  • Pre-build Booths

    We’ll give you a chance to view your 10×20 exhibition display rental in APHA before starting construction. This is a big part of our turnkey solutions that aim to keep you in the loop at every stage of the process.

  • Elaborate Consultation

    Here at Exponents, we try to take care of the tricky stuff, so that you can experience the show. Thus, we offer unique and friendly solutions that can help you earn a high ROI. So, when you think it’s time, call our consulting team and they’ll help you figure out the best approach for your event.

  • Project Management

    For every event, we assign a dedicated project manager whose primary goal will be to ensure your event is a seamless one. The assigned person will chart out the whole process and will be responsible to carry out the tasks without any hitch.

  • On-site Supervision

    Trade shows demand dedication, effort, and someone to manage the whole show without taking a break, which can be quite challenging. Thus, we try to make it easier by giving you the task to prepare a stellar presentation while we handle everything else revolving around your 10×20 exhibition display rental in APHA.

What Exponents Offers to Brands Participating in Trade Shows

Over the past three decades, we have designed and built many award-winning trade show booths for clients in and around the U.S. We believe the reason behind that is primarily our resolute focus on delivering top-quality exhibits in a timely fashion, but not before making sure that they strike a much-needed balance between appeal and functionality.

The best part is that we do this with great respect for your budget – no matter how small or big it may be.

Why Trade Show Rentals are Right for Your Brand

There are several reasons companies consider opting for a custom rental trade show booth over buying one, the most significant one being that they are easier for brands of every size to afford. This allows exhibitors to invest at their own comfort level and leaves little room for wastage of any kind.

Besides, if you don’t have a lot of time left to plan the show, renting will come with a group of experts who can lock in on every aspect of your 10×20 exhibition display rental in APHA in no time.


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