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Why Choose Exponents for 10×20 Exhibition Booth Hire in SEMICON West

You’ve decided that your brand needs more exposure, and exhibiting at a trade show seems like the best way to go about it. However, trade shows can be a tricky as well as a costly affair. To pull off a truly successful stint, having experts like us on your side can go a long way.

If you do enlist our help, here are some impeccable services we will provide:

  • Consultation

    It is essential to research your market thoroughly. Knowing which market is right for your products and who your competitors are is essential. Our expert consultants at Exponents will conduct an extensive market research for you so that you can focus on other important duties like forming networks.

  • Trade Show Booth Design

    Every business is unique, and nobody understands that better than us. Your booth design will be a representation of your brand and industry. You can start off by choosing the appropriate layout for your 10×20 exhibition booth hire in SEMICON West, after which our experts will engineer a design that’s alluring.

  • Project Management

    Managing projects is a difficult task and missing any piece of the puzzle can lead to a negative domino effect, which will subsequently bring about disastrous results. This makes the role of project manager extremely vital. Exponents will provide you with an experienced manager who will oversee the project efficiently till the very end.

  • Booth Construction

    Using substandard material would be disastrous, which is why we deploy first-class, durable materials that are designed to withstand repeated use. The shape of the booth will be as per your discretion, and our custom fabrication services will ensure that your kiosk looks unique.

  • Graphic Production

    Great graphics form a pleasant sight and are memorable. Creative graphics would be the perfect embellishment for your 10×20 exhibition booth hire in SEMICON West. We use only the latest technology to render your graphics and give you an edge over your competitors.

  • Logistical Assistance

    Our logistics team is well-trained in careful handling of your booth and equipment. We will make sure to transport your 10×20 exhibition booth hire in SEMICON West without a scratch. The booth will be assembled exactly as promised and dismantled according to the specifications of the exhibition center.

What Exponents Offers to Exhibiting Brands

We take pride in providing unique and customized services to clients across different industries. Our experience spans over three decades, and we have received positive feedback from many business giants. We are an award-winning company with a wide client base ranging from SME’s to large corporations.

Our wide range of exhaustive services is designed to consider every microscopic detail that many experts tend to overlook.

Why Booth Display Rentals is Right for Your Brand

Buying a booth for a single exhibition would mean being penny wise, pound foolish. Upkeeping and storing the booth would be an expensive affair and owning would restrict future design improvisations and lead to inflexibility with regards to size and shape.

It is much more sensible to opt for a rental, as it is cost-effective and pretty flexible in terms of design and layout customizations. So, hurry up and book your appointment with our consultants for your 10×20 exhibition booth hire in SEMICON West.


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