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Don’t you just hate when trade show booth rental companies promise one thing and deliver something totally different? So do we. It’s the reason we founded Exponents, a full-service trade show booth design and build the company.

If you are looking to rent an astonishing trade show exhibit, your search has come to an end. With Exponents, you have a seamless experience of designing your trade show booth. Renting and designing your trade show booth should be an exciting time, not a stressful one. That’s why our mission at Exponents is to take the headache out of trade show booth rentals

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Purchase: Exquisite custom trade show booths and exhibits for purchase

Buy modular trade show exhibits that attract more visitor attention to your booth, thanks to their creative and contemporary designs. Browse through the widest selection of trade show booth designs across sizes. Its modular construction enables you to reuse the exhibit for multiple shows and reconfigure it for different floor spaces.

Many of the trade show exhibit companies sell only the booth structure with graphics and keep the furniture and flooring for you to figure out, We at Exponents provide all inclusive trade show exhibits at transparent affordable prices.

Generate more leads with our Creative and interactive conference booth packages

An eye-catching, engaging conference booth package with benefits for both exhibitors and sponsors will help you reach your goals,increase ROI,and bring your brand to life. Everything from Conference booth displays, Conference booth design, and show management will be managed by us, so you can focus on your performance and increase business.

We provide four-tier packages that allow you to easily jump from brainstorming ideas to trade show floor directly. Our customer service, creative, and strategic teams collaborate to produce Convention booth displays that are as unique for each business type. From one-time exhibitions to multi-city tours, we take the worry out of the equation so you can focus on making the most of time on the show floor.

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For us, expos and B2B are a way of life! By handling every single aspect of booth design, from setup, show admin, and delivery to takedown and storage, our team ensures that your experience is smooth, simple, and inspiring.

Hence, we know what it takes to make your trade show exhibit a perfect one. With us, you never have to worry about the quality and design innovation as we adhere to strict European quality standards and for designs, you sit back and relax as our team of professional trade show exhibit builders knows every small detail required to make your trade show exhibit just as it is desired by you.

Call us on 800.639.1174 or email us at and let’s create a trade show booth that resonates with your brand and gathers more visitor attention.

Finding your trade show booth design is easier than ever!

It allows you to choose and customize from pre-designed trade show booths and helps you find the right fit for your own needs, whether that’s based on show location, budget, or industry. You can now choose your trade show exhibit design to customize in just 3 clicks!

Trade show rental booth design made incredibly easy!

We know every brand and every budget is different, and we make it a priority to always keep you “in the know.” At Exponents, we work with your budget and customize your trade show exhibit in a way that goes in hand with your marketing and branding goals.

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From 2000 sqft custom rental booth to 200 sqft modular purchase booth, we do it all!

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Why choose Exponents for your next trade show booth?

There’s a reason why businesses all over America are choosing Exponents as their trusted trade show booth rental company. Our dedicated team prides itself on our expertise at both designing award-winning booths and knowing what trade shows entail. Our knowledge of the field enables us to work in a productive and swift manner.

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Let You Pick Unique Designs To Customize From

We have a range of 700+ trade show booth designs to customize from. These designs are exquisitely crafted to suit your requirement, be it of a small inline booth or huge island booth. You can browse through the varied range of these designs in different sizes and get your booth uniquely ready. We are always here to help you find your inspiration for your next trade show exhibit.

Offer You A No-Sweat Delivery And Installation

We understand how crucial this event is for you. While you are busy preparing a brilliant presentation, we’ll take care of the heavy lifting. And we make sure you don’t have to stress over coordinating with us to check your trade show exhibit’s delivery.

The Exponents crew offers installation, dismantling, and shipping of your trade show rental booth, so you won’t have to use your hands for anything other than making deals with new customers.


Our 100% Pre Build Promise

Our team is always working to find new techniques to help you produce the expo booths of your dreams. With this in mind, we developed our 100% Pre-Build Promise. Our Pre-Build Promise gives you the option to pre-test your booth before you take your show on the road. By previewing how the booth will run before the big day, you can make sure that everything functions smoothly on the day of the event, eliminating the possibility of any unpleasant surprises.

Provide You With End-To-End Project Management

Your event is special, and it deserves undivided attention from your chosen booth rental company. This is why each of our customers are assigned a dedicated project manager who will walk them through every step of the rental process, from creating a realistic timeline to bringing your design to life at the trade show.

We Have Transparent Pricing Policy

Unlike any other company in the U.S., we offer open-ended rental booth prices. What we quote is what you pay. We don’t shock you with post-show bills because we don’t charge you those additional bucks that come with extra labor costs. There is absolutely no hidden price.

This helps us guarantee that we are always able to give you the best value for your investment.


We Give You Peace-of-mind booth builds

One of the best things you get when you partner with a trade show exhibit builder like us is that you really don’t have to worry about anything concerning your trade show booth. We take care of everything. From designing your trade show booth to its delivery and installation and from dismantling the booth to reverse logistics, you are free from every stress that comes with it. We are a one-stop destination for your every trade show booth need.

How we work to get your trade show booth ready?

Every stage of the trade show booth building process is our priority. Let us dive you through this process in a jiffy.

At Exponents, we understand that different businesses require different amenities for their exposition booth, whether that means budget restrictions, special necessities, or technical elements. Hence your briefings are important to us understand your need for the trade show exhibit.

Our experienced Account Managers understand your brief and the challenges you face as an exhibitor. These could be with brand messaging, product presentation, communication with the organizer, or the ever-increasing budget! They work with you so you can showcase your booth the way you envision it.
While the structure is being made our graphics department starts adapting your brand message to the finalized design and later print the graphics at our facility. We ensure life like colors and quality to your satisfaction.
Our professional Project Manager ensures all timelines are met and also coordinates ordering and communication with the show organizer. This gives you the comfort of getting all deadlines fixed in order to optimize cost for the booth.
Lastly, we dismantle the booth and do the reverse logistics. We leave you with absolutely nothing to look after the pack up responsibilities.
After your briefings, we start your trade show booth design We pay attention to every detail you asked us to consider and we put our expertise to give a beautiful and engaging booth design.
Once you finalize the design, depending on the show location, we manufacture at our facility in San Diego or Orlando. Special attention is given to use of high-quality material and premium finishes.
Next, we run a dry test of your booth. We assemble every component of the booth carefully to check there are no concerns with either the design or the endurance. This pre-build test of your booth is carried at our warehouse and we make sure the booth looks just like you desired it.
Then we pack it up and make it ready to ship. We ensure there is timely delivery of your booth. Once the booth is delivered our team carries out the installation required at the venue. And we make certain that there are no glitches and you leave a spectacular impression on your attendees.

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